Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Maybe.. this week?

Well. What I thought was an appointment for an Endoscopy today was actually a consultation - at which I was pretty much told that I need an Endoscopy. Oddly, having had serious stomach trouble for 5-6 weeks, I knew that already.

Nevermind, appointment is now on Friday (ultrasound on Thursday). Maybe soon I can wrestle a diagnosis and some definitive treatment out of the NHS - and then..?


DG834G: Site to Site VPN

A friend/colleague and I have just set up a Site to Site VPN using a pair of Netgear DG834G routers. Surprisingly easy to accomplish (as long as you have the very latest firmware) - strongly recommended.

As soon as we twigged that one of the ADSL lines was a dynamic IP, and set up the other end accordingly - it all clicked into place.

Of course, it took longer to dismember his mangled DG834GT (from Sky Broadband) and dig out the necessary settings to log in via the G.. but hey. You can't have everything!

Thursday, 24 May 2007

It's not always the drivers fault..

Gah. A "quick" trip into a part of town I seldom visit was, yesterday, grossly delayed by the fact that a good sized portion of the city in which I live is now a 20mph zone.


The (primarily) Liberal Demo-prat council have deemed that this will reduce speeding, hence cutting accidents and lowering pedestrian injury rates.

It won't. People who are going to speed will still speed. The 30 zones weren't enforced - nor are the 20s. Pointless.

I stick to the speed limits almost all the time, and yet, have to avoid pedestrians who simply walk out in front of me, without even looking to see if there is any traffic coming, on a daily basis. What happened to the green cross code?

Maybe if Jay-Walking was an offence (and actually enforced), it would have more impact on pedestrian injury rates..

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Flips and Flops

In computing, "flop" is often used to mean "[fl]oating point [op]erations". The speed of computing systems can be measured in TeraFlops and so forth.

If this is the case, does that mean then, that we could call [str]ing [op]erations "strops"?

If so, would string operations performed by small children become TerrorStrops?

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Composite (Web) Controls and INamingContainer

When creating a .NET 2.0, composite, web control - if you wish to handle events within your control (e.g. table with a built in "next page" button), remember to implement INamingContainer.

There are no methods to implement - just the interface itself, which notifies the runtime that it should enable the control to handle events itself (rather than simply defining event handlers to bubble them out to listeners).

Failure to do so results in 3.5 hours of stupifying, pointless, wasted investigation.