Thursday, 23 April 2009

Almost time for a holiday..

Saturday, we head out for two weeks in Spain (staying with the other halves family).

To be honest, I could do with a bit of a break, although it has ended up landing while we are really busy in terms of work, etc - so very much looking foward to it.

Will attempt to write at least 1-2 blog posts while we are out there (most likely whinging about how rubbish the journey has been, or how pants something at Gatwick is). Will also endeavour to smuggle back some sunshine in the luggage.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Blog posts and work?

Just noticed how my number of blog posts has tailed off this year.

Wonder if this reflects that things have been getting steadily busier?

January - 25, Feburary - 9, March - 7, April - 4 including this one!

Northern Rock? Failed? Well we knew that..

.. but!

OK, we all know Northern Rock have already failed quite spectacularly, largely due to the BBC's social experimentation (don't get me started), however, our mortgage in the UK is with them - and I called to get a statement of mortgage interest, for my Jersey tax return.

The first one didn't arrive - I blame Royal Mail for this. Fair enough. Used to that.

The second one did. It says:

"I confirm that the gross amount of interest charged to your mortgage loan from 1 Jan 2008 to 31 December 2008."

You'll probably read that once and go 'Yep - fine.' - read it again.

It seems to be missing one piece of information. Yup. The amount!


Third time lucky?

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Barnardos: Fail

Quick gripe from yesterdays brief after-picking-up-the-mrs-from-work dip into the shops.

We quite often go round the charity shops - although we realised we hadn't actually been into the Barnardos near the Royal Sq, ever. So we nipped in.

It was bad enough that they had a "Steps" cd.

It was worse that they were selling it for £0.99

It was even worse that it was obviously a copy, which someone had kindly donated! Even the cover was faded, and printed on a cheap inkjet printer. Oooops!

Monday, 20 April 2009


Wow. Sorry folks, haven't blogged for ages!

April has been a bit hectic so far, to put it mildly. Still. I'm going to try and clear up some of my 'blog post queue' this week, as we're off on holiday for two weeks on saturday, and I don't really want to leave a month long blank space here!

If you have FireFox, you need to put this: "about:robots" into the url bar and hit enter (no quotes).

Somebody seems to have smoked something they shouldn't during the development phase, I think..