Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Barnardos: Fail

Quick gripe from yesterdays brief after-picking-up-the-mrs-from-work dip into the shops.

We quite often go round the charity shops - although we realised we hadn't actually been into the Barnardos near the Royal Sq, ever. So we nipped in.

It was bad enough that they had a "Steps" cd.

It was worse that they were selling it for £0.99

It was even worse that it was obviously a copy, which someone had kindly donated! Even the cover was faded, and printed on a cheap inkjet printer. Oooops!


Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Barnados selling Bootleg stuff, never. Isn't that against the law as its counterfeit. tut, tut

Kev said...

Blimey, all these kinds of charity shops are really picky of what they take in, can't even get rid of decent stuff nowadays, ungrateful if you ask me ;)

Grumpy said...

That was kinda my point - it wasn't even a REAL crap Cd and they were selling it fo ra quid!!