Thursday, 23 April 2009

Almost time for a holiday..

Saturday, we head out for two weeks in Spain (staying with the other halves family).

To be honest, I could do with a bit of a break, although it has ended up landing while we are really busy in terms of work, etc - so very much looking foward to it.

Will attempt to write at least 1-2 blog posts while we are out there (most likely whinging about how rubbish the journey has been, or how pants something at Gatwick is). Will also endeavour to smuggle back some sunshine in the luggage.


Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Have a great holiday - you shouldn't be working on holiday either, so don't worry about blogging.

Grumpy said...

Thanks. :)

Blogging tends to be my main 'rant venue' so I may well pop up - particularly if the travel infrastructure of Late err i meant Great Britain is upto its usual standards! ;)