Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sometimes I wonder..

.. why I bother?

Yesterday, day in London to see clients. That part of it was great. The travel part was not.

The following things were crap, and annoyed me:

1. FlyBE (Fly MayBE?) flight from Jersey to Gatwick delayed by approx 30 mins because of a flat battery.

2. Gatwick "Express" was not very express, and delayed me a further 30 mins because the first train was broken, and the second was just plain slow (it got overtaken by a normal 'South West Trains' one - and they go really slowly as we all know).

3. Gatwick Express back to Gatwick was not express either. Oh well - just badly named and overpriced as usual!

4. When I got to Gatwick, the flight said 'Gate opens, 19:35' - this was a bad sign, as departure was supposed to be at 19:30. Eventually left around 20:45, landed at 21:20. Gave up on the idea of waiting 25 mins for a bus and got a cab.

The only bits which worked out well for me, really were: The London Underground (shocking as that is), the walking bits (even more shocking, as I normally get lost when left to my own devices), and the very nice cabbie, who knew my dad - this is quite common in Jersey, as my old man was a copper and then a cabbie - most people encounter one, the other or both at some point!

Grr. Stupid FlyBE. Stupid Trains.


M said...

I used to fly regularly with Flybe (Edinburgh to Newquay).

One curious fact was that the flights ALWAYS left late but ALWAYS got there on time.

I suspect the airline deliberately posted a longer-than-truthful flight time for this very reason!