Friday, 26 June 2009

The fridge of death



Yesterday, our new cooker (to replace the oven which I may or may not have told you had died) arrived. A nice bloke called Tim brought it round, as he is moving to Belgium. It cost us £100 and is well worth the money for a double-oven cooker with a good hob, which is approx 18 months old (well used, but thats not a problem).


I had to remove our old integrated hob and fridge, open up the worktop a bit, then wire in and put into place the new cooker. This sounds quite easy.

This would be quite easy.

If when you lift the hob, you don't see this:

Suffice to say, once I finally managed to extract the fridge, I didn't plug it back in. Back to the classifieds to look for a fridge/freezer, methinks!


Kev said...

That's not one cool cucumber in your fridge lol ;)

It does go to prove the original kitchen designer didn't really know what he was doing putting in an electric hob on the top of a fridge, numpty!

It is also alarming no kind of heat protecting board was put in place either.

Fridges generate enough of their own heat stuck in between carcases without added heat from the hob.

Your picture there Matt should be a warning to others with their kitchens, hmm perhaps that's where the name Devils Kitchen came from cos it was bloody hot and your playing with the devil with that kind of setup lol ;)

Electric hobs have always struck me as less efficient as gas hobs, if you fit another electric hob make sure you put in some heat resistant boarding underneath.