Thursday, 20 August 2009

Using less electricity?

Had our next electric bill today, and being a bit sad - and in light of all the things we've changed to try to reduce our bills, I thought I'd track our success.

We have averaged 18.25 units a day over this quarter, compared to 18.55 for the same quarter last year. The two intervening quarters were 22.80 and 25.20 respectively.

The first 18.55 is a bit anomolous as we were still moving in, and neither this quarter nor last quarter did we have the heating on at all - therefore I'm going to say that we've managed to reduce from 25.2 to 18.25.

Thats a saving of 6.95 units a day. If we assume the electric is used 300 days a year (bit of a rough figure, but hey), and as per current bill is 13.11p a unit, well, heck, thats a possible saving of over £270.00 a year. Thats equivalent to roughly a quarter's usage!


Andrew Thornton said...

Good luck! We've tried to reduce our electricity usage as well. We found that even when we're away, the appliances still "vampire" electricity even when they're not on. So, we've made an effort to unplug everything and it seems to help! Weird, no?

Grumpy said...

Hey, if it works, it works! :)