Thursday, 14 January 2010

Barclays: Surely it can't get worse?

So. I've ranted about how much Barclays bank sucks before. We have a business account with them. Though I'm not sure how long that will continue - now is not a convenient time for us to change, however, they seem to be doing their best to force us.

The latest part in the saga?

Yesterday I tried to pay for a software license, online, from a company in america, using my business debit card. Transaction declined. Tried again. Declined. Very odd.

Then I tried to log into online banking (a bit later). You have entered your details incorrectly. Hmm. No I haven't. Try again. Same. Try again. Very Carefully. Same. Give up. Try again later incase their service is broken (as usual). You have been locked out.

Bum. Phone up this morning. Explain. OK-Sir-I-Will-Definitely-Be-Helping-You-With-The-Problem-You-Are-Being-Having (it is so PAINFUL talking to Barclays employees on the phone, mainly because the scripts they are given are agonizing). I gave my name, date of birth and mothers maiden name, but apparently, incorrectly. This is interesting as I gave them a couple of months ago and they were OK.

So now in order to check our bank balance (and send receipts to our clients) I have to go to the branch with two forms of ID to "update and verify" my account.

So while I'm out, I'm going to pop into HSBC and pick up some information on opening a new account.