Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Another do-follow blog

A while ago I posted that my grumpy blog had become 'dofollow'.

I thought I'd come back and post another quick note to say that Mattched IT's Blog now accepts comments and offers do-follow links. So please feel free to swing by and take a look.

Also applies to News/Articles posted on our Web Development site.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Jersey Tennerfest 2009

This years tennerfest supplement was in the JEP last night - and a few of the menus actually look quite appealing this year - there seem to be more £10 or £12.50s too - seem to remember a lot of £15/£17.50s in 2008.

One or two are a bit wierd (some bananas popping up where they don't seem to belong, for a start), and the odd one is a bit cheeky (£10 for 1 course! Not really a fest - although the menu in question looked interesting).

Will we have time to get out and enjoy a few this year? I'm sure we will!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Lloyds internet banking? Another thumbs up!

For quite a long time, I've been a big fan of Lloyds internet banking - it works well, and always has, really.

It's user friendly and generally not a complete pain in the arse like some others (Alliance & Leicester, Barclays - I'm looking at both of you).

They've added something new - which I'd forgotten about, but thought I'd mention because it's a good idea.

When you add a new person to make a payment to, and automated system calls you on one of your registered contact numbers to confirm that you want to add a new payee and make a transaction - a good security measure, I think. Perhaps not totally convenient if you were out on the move and potentially irritating - but quite well executed in this case. Well done, Lloyds!

8mb broadband in Jersey? Next week?

It might be!

As we speak, I'm filling out the form to get my Newtel broadband re-graded to 8mb (or however fast it decides it wants to go - I'm not holding my break, but I am hoping for a pleasant surprise).

It's been long enough arriving, so lets hope the service is at least half decent (I whinge a bit, but current service from Newtel is OK)..!

So 8mb broadband in jersey? Yes! Next week!