Friday, 16 October 2009

Follow Friday - The Jersey Ones

A while ago I blogged about #FollowFriday on Twitter and how it was useless to just spam a list of names.

Since then quite a few people have actually suggested blogging - and then tweeting the link (including @NikkiPilkington - she may have been the first I saw recommend it). Obvious when you think about it!

So accordingly, here are some interesting people to follow for this week - they all have a bit of a Jersey theme to them, because, lets face it - Jersey is fantastic (although others who live here don't always agree - I think being away for 10+ years has give me a bit of context!)

So, five of the best Jersey Tweeps (there are more of you out there, and you'll get a mention later, don't worry!)

@JerseyTourism - keep abreast of the latest tourism related news and highlights from the local events calendar.

@FreshFishCo - possibly the freshest fish in the Island! Friendly and helpful too.

@DunellsWines - free wine tastings on a Saturday so you can pick the perfect bottle(s) to go with Sunday lunch!

@Channel103News - news updates and more from my personal favourite local radio station (err not that there are loads of options, mind you!)

@BrianLeLion - as well as being a very nice chap, Brian does on occasion post links to photographs and videos he has taken, which show off our lovely island wonderfully - highly recommended!

Enjoy - and why not leave me a comment with your own recommendations?

Thursday, 15 October 2009

ASP.NET shows a blank page in IIS?

OK. So this keeps getting me. Thus I'm blogging the answer as an aide memoire to myself.

If you have an ASP.NET site in IIS (typically one you've just installed or updated) and all you get is a blank page in internet explorer (or a nasty xml error in firefox)..

If you also use Global.asax to override the error handling, then you will need to temporarily uncomment that - basically something fundamental has gone wrong, and not even the error handler is working.

Normally this means the site can't load its configuration file(s), can't get to it's database, etc. Best thing is to uncomment the handling in global.asax and try again - then put it back once it's fixed!

Jersey Tennerfest 2009 - One Down!

Well, a while ago I mentioned that it is now tennerfest season - and duly, we managed to make it out to visit the Museum Brasserie - which was really good.

Trying to make space in the calendar (and bank balance!) for another night out before the end of the month - have any local readers been out to sample the various tennerfest menus available?

If so - any recommendations?