Saturday, 14 July 2007

Its "ROAD safety", not "CAR safety"..


Why is it that when people get hurt on the roads, motorists always take the brunt of the blame? If pedestrians and cyclists DO NOT EVEN LOOK for danger before crossing, surely they should be educated too?

If I walk into a truck and get splattered, it's got to be partly my fault, hasn't it?

Luckily, I scan left/right when entering a junction, even when my light is green. Otherwise I would have utterly creamed a cyclist today when he declared "red lights are now green for me, 'cos I am a cyclist" and cut straight through a red light, across my nose, and turned right, going through another moving lane of traffic.

It should be legal to bump cyclists who ignore the rules of the road. Rules of the damn road, pedal boy! Not-rules-for-cars-on-the-road!

The guy in question works at ASDA in Portsmouth and is quite chubby (and was clearly on his way to work). I wonder if the message he's trying to send out is "ASDA: A thoughtless, rude, ignorant bunch of nobbers" .. ?