Saturday, 7 July 2007

Lack of Grumpiness

I just thought - given the title of my blog - that I should apologise for the lack of grumpiness of late.

Most of my energies in this direction have been spent otherwise because I have been ill - I haven't really been able to get a good run up at anger for a while.

That said, the company who manage the block of flats I live in are about to come in for a large serving. Last year they agreed to change the damaged mailboxes out the front. At the start of this year they agreed to move them inside and wire up a "trade" buzzer on the door.

I'm still waiting. It's really not hard. Six mailboxes. Four screws each. Thats what - twenty-four holes in the wall with rawl plugs and ten minutes with an electric screwdriver?

Oh well. Once the maintenance payments stop, I'm sure they'll hurry up. In the mean-time, avoid "DMA Chartered Surveyors" like the plague. They're pants.