Thursday, 31 July 2008

Amazon: The wii fit saga (episode 2)

Yeah. OK. First, let me say that this actually wasn't Amazon's fault, in my view. It's a further testament to the appalling service offered by Royal Mail.

A few days after the GAME incident, I managed to secure another Wii Fit. This time, from Amazon - thank you OneClick(tm)!

Woo. Well. Thats sorted. Amazon are cool, and stuff almost always arrives quickly.

Almost. Not always. In this case, it never arrived at all. Not even after a couple of weeks.

Amazon were great as usual - they apologised and refunded me the total immediately - saying that they would normally send a replacement gratis, but of course, Wii Fit is out of stock, so that option is nixed.

On the plus side, I found out through this process that Amazon's checkout process automatically subtracts VAT if you are in the C.I, which is (to my mind) correct - which is another plus point for them, in my book. I wasn't sure if this was the case or not, as their help is a bit confusing on this issue.

Ordered some stuff from them more recently, and it was sent from IndigoStarFish - their Jersey merchant, and arrived the day after being ordered (at 4pm), despite the fact that I picked "Super Saver". Yay.

Still need a damn Wii Fit though.. Back to the stock checker!