Thursday, 31 July 2008

GAME: The wii fit saga begins..

So. For her birthday (end of June), I got the other half "Wii Fit". Or rather, I tried to - incase you have been living in a well sheltered cave, it is quite totally out of stock, unless you want to pay over-the-odds to one of the evil swine who bought loads when it was briefly available.

Thusly, I made a little voucher. Sad, I know. Then I sat on one of the real-time stock watching sites (check out this one, its really good - ). Eventually, I managed to procure one from GAME.

It was bundled with some piece of crap cover I didn't really want, but what the heck - it was £84.98 including the cover, which seemed a reasonable idea anyway. Sadly GAME do not subtract VAT when shipping to the Channel Islands (we now live in Jersey) - I decided to take the hit on that too.

Knowing that companies can be a little special about the C.I, I checked their terms and conditions carefully before ordering - risking my valuable opportunity by doing so. They define the C.I as part of the UK (incorrect, but never mind), and also state "We do not ship any item over 1kg outside of the UK". Um. OK. Well you say we are in the UK, so lets do it!

Yeah. Good plan. Shame it didn't turn up. They did post it (or at least, give it to parcel force), but sadly only with the documentation and postage paid for delivery in England. So it went back to the depot. One furious argument later, I was told to check the T&Cs. Uh. Yeah. They imply that it shouldn't be a problem..

Got a refund. But only for the Wii Fit itself. The cover turned up, and they won't refund it. Great. Now I have a flippin' useless cover thing I didn't want, for a console accessory which they decided they couldn't send me. Nobbers.

Lesson 1: Don't bother with GAME, unless you really go into the shop, they're a bunch of idiots, and their customer support, by the way, sucks. I only got a reply after threatening to report the whole transaction as fraudulent..