Friday, 3 October 2008

Eating out in Jersey: Signature

Ok. I keep meaning to post brief "reviews" of places we've been out to dinner - there isn't that much info out there in terms of Eating out / Restaurants in Jersey, and it's hard to know where will and won't be good at times.

We do eat out quite a bit, but we are also pretty fussy.

Up first - Signature (just by the Bean around The World) - formerly The City.

We went there late in August, for a small birthday do. It was frankly fab. Really good food - I was a bit worried that the "celebrity recipe" twist would produce pretentious (or just plain crap) food - but I was wrong. For example, the Ramsey recipes come from what I would call his "sensible" books (I've actually made a few of them at home), and were expertly cooked.

The prices were also very reasonable, especially once put in context with the quality of the food. Highly recommended for a treat!