Friday, 3 October 2008

Eating out in Jersey: Wildfire Grill

While the (future) in-laws were visiting recently, we tried to get into Rojo to check out the tapas (they are Spanish, so it seemed apt, if risky). We failed, because they are incredibly busy - good for them - this means we will definitely book a table at some point!

Instead, we went to Wildfire, which is new.

Impressively laid out building - a bit two much "cow" fabric for my tastes (we stayed in the downstairs restaurant), but everything is very clean and stylish - the toilets were so obsessively immaculate that they deserve a mention.

The food was not bad. The service was pretty decent (although thats on average - some were awful, one guy was absolutely great and really looked after us).

Quite expensive, though. Probably won't go back - but worth one try to see if it's your cup of tea or not. Having spent several years working in trendy "london style" bars and clubs, the whole feel is uncomfortable for me. I may just be wierd. May? Ha!