Saturday, 17 January 2009

A busy few days!

Wow. OK. I'm still not smoking (yay) - coming up for two weeks. I believe my personal record is at three weeks, so some sort of celebration will be due at the one month point.

Beyond that, I haven't been blogging because work has been rather busy. In addition to some work on a rather exciting customer project (can't really blog about it here, or yet) - we have been doing some advance publicity for a new project.

Our Handmade Crafts Directory site will hopefully become a wonderful resource for UK based crafters (and those who appreciate handmade goods) - giving them space to promote themselves and their wares, and also helping to build a community dedicated to furthering the interests of local products - and local artists.

More news will be made available via the Handmade Crafts Facebook Page as soon as possible!


The Children's Jewellery Company said...

Well done on the smoking, you really will be a grumpy man then if you are off the fags!

Rita said...

well done Grumpy LOL I have been quit sinse march last year. found
a great help pop by and see us. I am pepsi on there. xxx