Friday, 9 January 2009

Stopping Smoking: Day 2

Well, here we are - day two. I'm going to do a few more blogs on this topic (until my ultimate 'success' or 'failure'), as it will serve to remind me why I have bothered - a written record of the changes I have noticed. You never know, it might be of value to someone else, though I doubt it!

Yesterday wasn't fun to start with, however, by about 2-3pm, it started to get a lot easier. I did eat quite a lot more crap (particularly Jelly Beans, which I have now hidden), though.

This morning I noticed a distinctly diminuished "ashtray mouth" effect, which was nice. I also feel slightly less tired than usual, although that may be psychological. One hacking cough attack instead of two - the norm - which was nice.

Encouraging, all in all!