Monday, 2 February 2009

January Google Roundup!

So.. lets go for it! I'm going to recount the top four ranking (because a top ten would include pretty much all of them and be really dull to write) topics which brought in the most traffic via google, to my blog, in January 2009!

4. A tie between three subjects with four hits each:

Teamed network cards and the intel proset drivers made the following entries: proset teaming with nlb, software intel proset 12.2, install proset "windows 2003", intel proset for win2003 sp2

The use of HttpHandlers in the App_Code folder popped in here (though I particularly like 'app_code bad' - I do believe that app_code is generally bad, therefore this was quite a fitting addition): ihttphandler web.config app_code, reference httphandler within app_code, app_code bad, httphandler appcode

And the topic of VAT in relation to Jersey: avoid vat in jersey, buying from jersey vat, do jersey pay uk vat, vat jersey blogs - Although the first one tickled me - it's not exactly 'avoiding vat' when you aren't subject to it!

3. In third place, with seven hits each are two more searches (ironically both restaurants):

The WildFire Grill in St Helier made a series of entries: wild fire in jersey c.i, wild fire, st helier, wildfire jersey restaurant uk, wildfire jersey uk, jersey uk wildfire restaurant, wildfire restaurant jersey uk

As did the Diamond Chinese Restaurant: diamond chinese jersey, chinese diamond jersey, diamond chinese in st helier, diamond chinese restaurant jersey, diamond restaurant jersey

I'm a little surprised by the latter - it's been there forever (well a long time), and while I expect people to search for 'trendier' places on the web, I wasn't predicting that one. Maybe it's time to launch that portal site for local restaurants, after all!

2. A techie search, with nine hits. The keyword phrases vary only by use of ""s and fullstops - which to me definitely denotes this as one made by developers (let alone the subject matter): "failed to cocreate profiler", "failed to cocreate profiler.", failed to cocreate profiler, failed to cocreate profiler.

Noone left any feedback on it though, so I don't know if my post(s) are useful enough - someone let me know, since we've run into and solved several permutations of this issue.

So, finally..

1. With ten searches, it's another techie topic: ajax validationsummary, updatepanel validationsummary, validation summary + ajax, validationsummary updatepanel, two validationsummary two updatepanel, updatepanel validationsummary, validationsummary in ajax c#, validationsummary in updatepanel

So there you have it. I was hoping that Handmade Crafts would make more of an entry, but it didn't! Perhaps in February?