Friday, 26 January 2007

Recruitment CONsultants

Let me be fair, before I begin - some Recruiment Consultants or Recruitment Agents are very good. When I last changed jobs, I dealt (in main) with three people from different agencies, and they were all excellent - "IT Talent" in particular were really, really good - the guy knew what he was talking about, called me about relevant positions I stood a good chance of getting, and so forth. Plus they found me my job.


Some are utter nobbers.

Got an email today asking if I want to be a UNIX Systems Administrator in London City, earning 30k. Had the rat-loving fart-faced mumble monkey bothered to even OPEN my CV, he would have found that I don't do UNIX, I'm a Programmer, not a SysAdmin, I live too far from London to commute there and finally, that I probably wouldn't get out of bed for the money. Unless I could work from my lounge.

I suspect he was also the source of my 4 screened, err, missed, calls today.