Thursday, 21 May 2009

Answer the phone, curse you!


You have a restaurant.

It has been recommended to me by someone whose opinion I trust (he's a good chef himself, plus is one of the party I'm booking for).

So I'm calling the number on your website (comments reserved!) to book and make a reservation for tomorrow.

You haven't answered the phone on any of the first four attempts. It's not engaged, so I know that either the number is wrong (I shall consult the phone book shortly), or you are not there - or worse, you are there, but not answering.

Luckily I'm probably going to persist until I get hold of you. I wouldn't normally - nor will a lot of customers. Tip - buy an answering machine. Heck, Amazon have one for £3.95 on special offer - here.

There is no excuse.


sara said...

Or employ a VA to answer the calls and take the bookings when they are too busy to answer! Now, where could I get one of those? :0)

Grumpy said...

Good answer.. I didn't think to list that as an option! ;)

Caz said...

I dont think you're grumpy, just completely barmy!

Grumpy said...

Caz, I'm sure my other half would agree with you completely. She insists at times that she has proof! ;)

Grumpy said...

It turns out (after someone nipping in to find out) that they are closed for holidays.

Definitely time to invest in an answering machine - could have left a message telling us, rather than annoying us!

Kev said...

heheh Caz, I know Matt is barmy, I work with him in the past and now heheh. Although saying that, I should be one to talk lol, I am barmy lol :)

Anyways back on topic...
Even I have an answering machine lol, I don't always get to the phone in time or I'm busy with a project and have headphones on.

But at least the answering machine is there to take a message and I can get back to them at some point.

I would have thought for a restaurant an answering machine is vital, although if the place is any good then persistence is a virtue ;).