Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Marks and Spencer Jersey - Birthday Failure!

Yup. M&S here have irritated me again. Not that I shop there anyway, but still.

Despite the widely publicised 125th birthday 'penny bazaar' promotion, they won't be doing in here in Jersey. As with all the Marks + Sparks special offers (well almost all), we get to miss out again.


According to Channel 103, bosses say it's because they've only been here for 42 years. I think it's because they're a bunch of tight fisted b______s.

But I might be extra grumpy, because I haven't had enough coffee yet.


Grumpy said...

I should further observe, that M&S Jersey also sell "Jersey Royal" potatoes, "Jersey Butter" and various other bits - all repackaged in M&S packaging, and presumably sent to the UK and back, before being sold.


Kev said...

You should try their all butter popcorn Matt (if they still do it), one of cheaper products lol ;)



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