Friday, 29 May 2009

Tax doesn't have to be taxing..

.. uh huh.

Moving swiftly on from the awful gag therein (guessing someone at HMRC was in stitches for days over that? They certainly should have their mouth stitched up, anyway)..!

I thought the original idea behind the "Tax doesn't have to be taxing.." campaign was to promote and raise awareness of the fact that the UK Tax system isn't the hideously complex mess we think it is.

Of course, it IS, but thats another matter.

Phoned local tax office, re: a letter they had sent (corporation tax, not personal) - on the number they gave. Just to ask a really simple question. Was told that I had phoned the wrong office - Ah yes. Silly me. I only phoned the one who wrote to me - not the one who would answer questions on a letter they hadn't sent?

I was given another number to phone. I phoned it. I was told I had been given the wrong number, and was given another one, because (I think - it was for some strange reason, quite hard to understand the 2nd call centre operative..) - although I had been given _A_ number for "The London Office", it was the wrong part of the building. Or something.

Having now been refered from 0208 to 0207 (and slightly baffled as to how that can be the same building), I finally got through to the right person. Surely.

Well. No.

"Ah. Yes. Well. I can see why you've been redirected here, but really, you should call your local office on 023..".



Thats where I started!

I kept my cool, and explained. This time, the lady was helpful.

"Right. OK. Well I can see the file here, so maybe I can answer your question?"

She could, and did. Very good, thank you.

Now if only person #1 had been able to do it - which I suspect, they could, because it was a general query - not even related to our file in particular!


Glueandglitter said...

That's weird because the same thing happened to me when I was trying to sort my tax out about a year ago! I was just jumping from different numbers, with each person telling me to ring a number I already had done!

They might have a competition to see how many numbers they can get you to ring?

Siddharth said...

there is an easy solution - employ an accountant!

For a small price he will enable you to make better use of your precious time

Grumpy said...

Oh, we do - but you can't delegate everything 100% unfortunately - and occasionally you need to ask HMRC a question directly!

I don't mind spending the time to do so, beyond what our accountant does - I just get annoyed when I can't get through to the right person, or they misdirect me! :)

vincestev said...

Yes, get an accountant. They seem to love all the drudgery involved. It takes all sorts. Rgds Vince