Monday, 18 May 2009

Remoska: Brilliant. But lets hope it doesn't blow up..

Indeed. Our oven blew up the other night. Well. It didn't actually "blow up", but it did go "Whoomf!!" and cause one of the trip switches to pop.

Upon further inspection, it is now more of a fan than a fan oven - suspect the heating element has given up the ghost. We will learn more when I lever it out of its mountings and dismantle it later on.

Anyway. We had a roast dinner yesterday - this is quite a feat without a working oven - or would be - if we didn't have a Remoska! You can buy these from Lakeland, here - and they are really amazing.

They actually cook roast meat better than ovens - because they are a sort of combination oven and casserole dish (not a slow cooker at all - quite rapid infact). Well worth a go!