Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Adverts, Organisations and Blogs Ahoy!

Please don't be too shocked by the fact I've actually been updating my blog recently - I'm not sure how long that will last! :)

I've found a possible new outlet for 'food related' posts, which is great as thats something I really wanted to split out from here, which leaves most of the business stuff over at Mattched IT and really only personal notes on any fun/annoying/interesting things which happen to us, or which I notice.

You may also notice some adverts, because I'm running a few experiments at the moment - and whenever I want to try things out, this blog tends to be the guineapig! Some of them will probably stay, but others are quite likely to go.

PS. Rosa got me a copy of "FISH" - The River cottage book - by Hugh Fearnley eats-it-all and his friend Nick, for Xmas and if you're into fishing (or eating fish), it's really brilliant. :)