Thursday, 20 January 2011

Homemade "Jersey" Greek Yoghurt!

An odd title, I admit - and perhaps odder still, not a grumpy post! You may have noticed my mention on facebook of some experimental cookery last night - this was in-fact, my first attempt at making yoghurt.

I followed Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's recipe in "River Cottage Everyday" (link below - it's a great book), as I'm still trying out things from my Christmas/Reyes presents.

It's a simple process and calls for a half litre of milk, 25g of milk powder to thicken and 3 tablespoons of live yoghurt to start the culture off (in the future you can use your own yoghurt for subsequent batches).

Mix the milk and milk powder, heat to 46 degrees, pour into a bowl, add the yoghurt, seal in a thermos and leave overnight. Simple.

I was worried it wouldn't work, as if anything, homemade yoghurts tend to be a bit runny, however, given that I used full fat Jersey Milk (which contains more fat and is richer than 'average' milk), it thickened to virtually the consistency of Greek Yoghurt!

Lovely, but I think we'll try a batch with no milk powder and see what that produces (keep it natural) - and if it's still very thick, may step down to semi-skimmed and see what happens.. will keep you all posted!

PS. Played with advert config a bit to get rid of some really pants ones. No more weight loss ads on this blog - and more posts about lard, methinks!