Wednesday, 26 January 2011

More Yoghurt..!

OK, so after some experimentation, it seems the best Jersey Dairy milk to use is the "green one" (referring to the colour of the carton, not the milk itself, thankfully) - which is "Fat Reduced"; one "lardiness grade" above semi-skimmed.

This, with no milk powder, produces a slightly-too-runny-yoghurt which needs to be left in the flask a little bit longer - and then chilled overnight, but is then just about the right consistency for breakfast. Hurrah!

In related news, a few tweaks to blog layout have taken place (mainly removing references to Mattched IT, as this is my *personal* blog) and hopefully you will now see these posts appear in my FB profile feed, rather than as silly "notes" - I didn't really want Facebook to import the whole contents, so that had to change!