Thursday, 13 January 2011

Are you following the Fish Fight?

Well, are you? Odds are if you're on Facebook you won't have missed it - even if you haven't spotted it on TV.

Hugh's fish fight (more info here) is aimed at raising public awareness of the damage we are causing - both through our fishing methods and our eating habits - to the marine environments.

Although I'm not generally one to bang on about environmental issues too much (apart from the odd rant about using less electricity - but that is more directly pocket-motivated), this is something you should read about if you eat fish regularly.

Swapping under-pressure species such as Cod, Haddock and Halibut for "direct" alternatives such as Coley is a great way to both get involved and to try new things as well. Or you could go the whole hog and switch to a different type of fish - mackerel and chips anyone?

Speaking of which, I couldn't see any locally caught (Jersey) Mackerel in the fish market yesterday - only Cornish - is this because they don't get picked up in our waters, or for another reason? Anyone know?