Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Nokia - the "Comes with Music" campaign

Hmm. Saw the Nokia advert last night - you know - the one which tells you to search for 'Comes with Music' online. Now there is a marketeer with ultimate confidence in their SEO team.

Or a lack of understanding.

Out of interest, I thought I would write a quick blog post about 'Comes with Music' - and see where it ends up in the google rankings (and if it gets any traffic). Having poked about a couple of bits and pieces, it seems there isn't too much competition here - and all the relevant articles are news posts about the official Nokia service.

Quite a curious bit of marketing though - instead of giving people a URL - just tell them to go and search for something. But what do you think - is it risky, or just clever?

Oh. And sorry if you were looking for something about the ACTUAL 'music' (or phone) part of the Comes with Music ad. It isn't here.