Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Another Google Update / Roundup

Well, here we go again. The searches which have led people to my blog over the 6 days since my last post about google (in descending order of popularity) are ..

madrid grumpy - I really, really want to know what on earth people are hoping find by typing "madrid grumpy" into google - please, please, if you end up on my blog after searching for this, leave me a comment to tell me. I get a hit every other day on this, and I'm just unsufferably curious!

dg834g site to site - A post I made quite a long time ago announcing that we had successfully set up a site to site vpn using a pair of Netgear DG834G routers (a v2 and a v3, if memory serves). Good routers, actually - highly recommended. We have since upgraded to a pair of DGFV338 Netgear routers - because the DG834G's latest firmware anihilates NETBIOS support, and frankly UNC paths over VPN are quite handy.

.net runtime version 2.0.50727.42 - failed to cocreate profiler - Ah, the pure joy of 64bit computing. If you are getting this in NCover, via TestDriven.NET or Visual Studio, then set your test project to build as x86 only. If you get it running NCover in a different context, you may need to find CorFlags.exe (in the platform SDK) and set all the executables (NCover, NUnit) to run as 32bit only. Or BUY the new version of NCover - but I couldn't bring myself to do that just yet.

intel proset (various permutations of this one) - My original intel proset ii post is here, describing my issue (missing advanced properties pages) and the solution which I found - enabling the advanced properties for intel proset ii is here.

iris passport control -interesting one. I never actually got around to registering for iris, and probably won't for quite some time now that we've moved to Jersey - but nonetheless, it's still a good scheme in theory.

I believe all the others were covered in my last post, so I shall stop there. More next week!