Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Google, over the last week!

Ha, just when you thought I'd stopped boring you with tales of my google traffic. Some of the highlights of the last week have been:

wildfire grill jersey uk and wild fire grill jersey uk - slightly random keywords (use the UK radio button folks!), but my blog seems to rank top for them. Oops. Oh well, at least I wasn't too nasty! In fairness, I have heard some better things since, and we may go back for another go.

jerseysoup and jersey soup both showed up - again just variations on a theme. Can only assume that this is people look for information about the Jersey Soup Kitchen - either that or some odd local recipe?

All the others were the usual ncs2prov, site-to-site-vpn, proset and ncover (plus validation summary and updatepanel) queries!