Tuesday, 2 December 2008

My blog and Google

So. I stuck Google Analytics on my blog, out of curiousity. I wanted to see if people find it, and if so, how they do.

In the past 3-4 days, I've had a few hits, but 3 which came from google searches caught my interest.

The first two were interesting, because I seem to appear on page one for these specific sets of terms:

windows 2003 proset ii - a set of posts I made about problems with the drivers on Intel PROSET cards - whereby the advanced properties tabs disappear. Dunno if this problem is still current, but if so, hope it helped!

app_code httphandlers - this was a single post I made about creating an HttpHandler in the App_Code folder of a Visual Studio 2005 WebSite/Web Application project. Again, hopefully this was of value to someone - I wasted quite a few minutes figuring this out initially!

Finally, and oddly (because the blog post I have doesn't seem to rank very highly, so I assume the searcher must have been pretty desperate - I got bored trying to find it on around page 8 of the results)..

rdp over vpn win2003 - I presume this is linked to the right post - that the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service needs to be started on Win2003 before you can connect via Remote Desktop (RDP).

Just goes to show, it's worth posting this little tidbits - now that I know someone has seen these, at least, I shall continue to do so whenever I get over such obstacles!