Saturday, 6 December 2008

Some more google searches

Had another look at my recent traffic, this morning, and noticed a few more searches which are bringing people here. I find this interesting - because typically I've made a single blog post on these topics, so, the new entries are:

"CoCreate Profiler" - This relates to an error I encountered (and found a workaround for) running NCover on Windows XP64. There are 64bit versions of NCover available for purchase now, but the old, free edition is only available in 32bit and is distinctly unfriendly in a 64bit environment. We also had some issues on Vista with our CruiseControl.NET servers, but I don't actually have the error message for that one noted down. It was to do with needing to run corflags.exe on NCover to force it into 32bit compatibility, though. I pop up on pg2 of google for this search - if quotes are included.

Curiously, there was also a hit for the keywords ncover which went to the same post - this time on page 1. Wonder if it was the same person, and if the post was helpful? Seems more likely this poster was looking for the original

NCS2Prov - The name of the DCOM configuration entry for Intel ProSET drives. Goes back to the post(s) I made which bring in lots of traffic for keywords such as 12.2 intel proset and intel proset +12.2, both of which are still bringing in some hits. Again, page 2 for this search - didn't check the intel proset ones.

Finally, and perhaps most interesting (or most peculiar) was a search for madrid grumpy - this one, which ranked 2nd on the first page of google results, refers to when we went to Madrid, last October, and using Easy Jet turned out to be far from easy!

Monitoring these searches is turning out to be quite fun to do - and also quite informative - gives you a good idea of the power which blogs currently hold in search engines (or at least, Google), as well!