Saturday, 9 December 2006

A beginning

Finally, after intending to do so for a rather long time, I have started my own blog. Woohoo. Another band-wagon firmly jumped upon.

After faffing around for a while setting up a small local website, I've decided that a) I don't really want to run a blog out of my study and b) it's far too much hassle. Hence I've used It seems to be rather good so far - I am unsurprised. Theres a Google logo on the front - this currently seems to (generally) be a good thing.

I am 27 years old and complain about [every/any]thing most of the time - hence the title for the blog, and I shall be using this space to vent about the various components of "everyday life" which wind me up. If I also tell you that I'm in England, you can probably guess what most of my complains will be about!