Monday, 11 December 2006

Is driving really that hard?

Oh well. I made it to about 8:20ish without being irritated by something enough to write it down.

On my way to work is a 3-way traffic lighted junction. In my direction of travel, there are two lanes - the left one for "straight ahead" and the right one for "turn right only". They are clearly marked.

Straight over (the way I go), the road opens out into two more lanes, both of which go ahead (and merge) at the next junction.

Imagine my surprise (perhaps "fury" is a better word than surprise) when I moved to overtake a cyclist just after the first junction, having gone straight ahead, and discovered a car overtaking me (having ignored the various "turn right only" signs) at about 40-50 mph. In a 30 mph zone. Through a speed camera. Nobber.

Bad enough, but then, as I moved over into the right hand lane to get around the cyclist, and through the next set of traffic lights, I checked my mirror to move left, and noticed another, different car, doing more or less the same thing, just a little bit slower, and this time undertaking me. Nobber.

Ironically one of these nobbers was a woman, and the other a man - therefore I can happily say that today (at least), the sexes are equally crap at driving.