Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Maybe I took the wrong driving test..

I really do wonder if I may have inadvertantly taken the wrong driving test. Perhaps there is another one which I should have taken. You know. The one where they make sure that you undertake, abuse double yellow lines and generally behave like a first class nobber.

Today's shout-out for ridiculously bad driving goes to:

The Audi A6 whose driver didn't seem to comprehend that simply driving at my rear right quarter as fast as possible while we were going through a junction would not mean him getting in front of me. It did nearly involve him ending up in my back seat, but that would have, quite frankly, served him right.

The painted-up-to-the-nines Subaru Impreza whose owner decided he didn't like the traffic on his way to work (he actually ended up parking just in-front of me at the same building). He solved this by using the other (oncoming) side of the road for a good 300-400 yards. Not a bit of it. Not half of it. All of it.

The two utter twats who "parked" their delivery lorries (fully) in the left hand lane of a two-lane road. Ignoring the double yellow lines, because they needed to drop off some dog food or something to a corner shop.

And last, but not least, the 14 year old mum whose technique of crossing roads is slightly different to "stop, look, listen". Like so many other loving mothers, she relies on the "Thrust pram into road. Wait for screeching sound of brakes to stop. Cross road as slowly as possible."

We should overthrow the government and organize a cull. You know it makes sense.