Wednesday, 20 December 2006

The road to hell..

I shall not bore you with all of the gory details relating to tonights brief trip through hell, err, I mean Asda. Instead, I'll point out the chief annoyances, and also a tiny anecdote which suggests that we are indeed deemed to become a nation of idiots. Soon.

I paid the wrong price for a Sweet Potato in Asda tonight. Because after a couple of minutes examining "The big book of fruit and veg", the woman on the check-out decided it reminded her most of a parsnip, and opted to put it through asuch. Perhaps she didn't notice that it's a completely different colour and shape.

Other things which wind me up about supermarkets in general (and Asda in particular) include:

People trying to pay with string (you know what I mean - "Oh, wait a moment, I know that I have £17.56 in pennies somewhere on my person, and there are only three thousand people in the queue behind me - I'll just search all of my body cavities to find the exact change..").

Automated check-outs. These would be great IF inbetween every single item being scanned they didn't blurt out "Please ask for assistance." or the dreaded "Unexpected item in bagging area".

Combine that with the fact that old men seem to think the way to make the queue move faster is to repeatedly nudge the person in front in the legs with their basket, and you've got a thoroughly grumpy shopping trip in store. One day someone is going to end up having a lurid green plastic shopping basket surgically removed from somewhere painful..