Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Bring back Celebrity Deathmatch!

Oh. Joy.

My goggle-box has just reliably informed me that season 7008 of "Celebrity Big Brother" will be starting in January. Excellent. That take Channel 4 and E4 out of the viewing options for a few weeks, then.

My my. But I'd just LOVE to watch a set of z-list celebrities proving that they're a bunch of twats (just like most Big Brother contestants). And I'm desperate to watch them sleeping - semi-live.

Bring back Celebrity Deathmatch - only this time - don't stop at animation!

Or perhaps we should go the whole hog. Yes folks - your votes really do count - we've got a big cannon and two rubbish celebrities - vote for your favourite OR WE'LL LAUNCH THEM INTO THE ATLANTIC OCEAN!!