Saturday, 9 December 2006

The Nintendo Wii (and delivery companies)

Yes, I know I'm posting a lot. It's taken me ages to get around to doing this, so shush.

It's the 8th of December - Wii day. Mine hasn't arrived, but then, I didn't expect it to, as I was happy enough to get one on pre-order from Amazon at all. With a lot of luck, it'll arrive tomorrow. If it's not here on Monday, I shall continue my ongoing war with all delivery companies.

I live in a new block of flats, and the mail boxes are frequently vandalised - the Royal Mail, for all their various failings, cope with this admirably, and the worst-case-scenario is a "Sorry, we missed you.." card and a trip to the post-office. Frequently the postie is good enough to try and get into the building to slip mail under the flat door if the mail-box happens to be particularly trashed that day.

Other couriers, though, do not seem to be quite as good. Amtrak are the current recepients of my rage, as they appear to be too stupid to interpret either an address, or phone number. When a parcel did not arrive, I whined at the vendor, until I was given a tracking number. With no sign of the package two days after it's "guaranteed" delivery date, I phoned Amtrak to enquire.

After a brief tussle, explaining that I don't have a "Sorry" card, and thats why I'm especially peeved, I was told that the driver didn't know where my block of flats is. Swallowing a small ball of fury and resisting the temptation to suggest that he buy an A-Z from a newsagent of his choice (along with a family-sized clue), I was nice. I gave my phone number, and suggested he try to redelivery it today, giving me a call first, so that I could give him directions, and make sure that I was there in order to receive it.

No call. Clearly, operating a numeric keypad is too complex for someone who cannot locate an address within a city where they work as a delivery driver. The saga will continue, no doubt. It's tempting to report the goods as stolen and see what happens.

On the other hand, how badly do I really want a step machine?