Saturday, 9 December 2006

Double Yellow Lines

Yes. Double Yellow Lines. The capital letters are deserved. They are there for good reasons (well, most of them).

My drive to/from the office is frequently lengthened by wonderful individuals (either works vehicles, white van-esque types or mercs, bmws and the like), who seem to have 'selective blindness' when it comes to straight yellow markings on the road.

The temptation to ram them is growing on a daily basis. I should probably do something about that, really.

I don't CARE how BADLY you need a mars bar or 20 marlboro lights - park properly like the rest of us.

And for gods sake, if you're going to cycle, either behave like a car or a pedestrian - not some strange cross-breed. If you don't signal and someone hits you, it's going to hurt. I'll do my best to ensure that it's not me who ends up peeling you off his windscreen, but no guarantees!