Friday, 29 December 2006

I know movie piracy is wrong, but...

I'm tempted to start doing it. Instead of buying DVDs.

Why?! I hear you cry.

Simple. Every freaking DVD which I have BOUGHT with my HARD-EARNED money recently has INSISTED on boring me with the fact that movie piracy is theft. They show me "adverts" about it. They repeat copyright warnings in 786 languages, 782 of which I don't even remotely understand.

Even worse - I can't skip these sections easily - I have to fumble around with the fast-forward button. Anything else and the section repeats. Some of them are rather long.

I accept that they want to tell people that piracy is wrong. I accept that they are so frustrated with the issue that they are keen to ram it forceably down peoples throats. However. Think on this.

If I download a ripped, DVD quality version of the same movie - not only is it (nearly) free, but, I won't have to put up with the advert! Therefore, by trying to put me off nicking films, I'm given a clear advantage to doing so!

Tip: If you want to point out to people that copying films is wrong, it's probably a bit frigging dumb to point it out to PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALREADY LEGALLY PURCHASED A COPY OF THE DAMNED FILM! Especially in such an annoying way!